(Discount 40% on-time) Jumping Activation Ball For Dogs And Cats

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Color: Blue

Package: 1 Pc

1 Pc
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It Jiggles & Giggles All Over The Place!

Note: The toy itself is not equipped with AA battery, it needs to be purchased separately

Both toy batteries are 4 AA batteries, and the style is random

The LED Jumping Activation Ball for dogs is the toy your dog is going to love! Interactive toys are one of the best you can give to your furry friends, keeping them entertained for hours. 

Our furry friends need as much love and care as they can get. This LED Jumping Ball for dogs is a toy that will keep your puppy shaking his tail with excitement. It keeps them entertained and gives you the "human" a bit of rest.

It also provides stimulation to keep them healthy and active. Watch your dog chasing this LED Jumping Ball over and over as it rolls across the floor. Get one now before it runs out of stock. The demand is huge!

Helps Aid Your Dog’S Growth & Development

Adds much-needed exercise and mental stimulation that dogs need to stay active, healthy and at an ideal weight

Prevents unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom 

The ball jumps with random movement keeping your dog mentally stimulated, compared to traditional toys.

Attractive Design & Color

Comes in a variety of bright, attention-grabbing colors to suit your style and your pal’s personality.

Lovely design with bright color, infectious fun for all 

Children would be attracted and love it by its bounce, vibrate, music, flashing light & wiggle

It is a perfect interactive toy for you to play with your pet

Safe & Non-Toxic

Safety standards with nodules securely fastened and a sturdy and conveniently located on/off button

It will last longer than any normal toy and most importantly keeps your pal safe.

Note: This product does not contain batteries


Type: Bouncing Ball
Features: Sounding
Diameter: about 12.5cm (4.92")
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic + Rubber

Package Includes:

1 x Jumping activation ball for dogs and cats

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